40 Awesome Realistic Pokemon Illustrations

It’s Pokemon time!!   \(^▽^)/
Pokemon, for me, have always been very inspiring things. I like the “pocket monsters” design, the ideas of the design itself, and its fantasy appeal.
Ever imagine if Pokemons were real? This time I’ve decided to share my collection of realistic –or near realistic– Pokemon illustrations that I found in the internet. These arts are awesome and some are hilariously funny. Which ones are your favorites? Please share your comments 😀

Note: All of the images are linked to their original authors or sources.

1. Charmander

2. Squirtle

3. Bulbasaur

4. Torterra

5. Feraligatr

6. Typhlosion

7. Shinx

8. Vaporeon

9. Ponyta

10. Dodrio

11. Blaziken

12. Pidgey

13. Blastoise

14. Venusaur

15. Combee

16. Treecko

17. Paras

18. Oddish

19. Arbok

20. Vulpix

21. Arcanine

22. Houndoom

23. Tauros

24. Croagunk

25. Togepi

26. Gengar

27. Hitmonchan

28. Lickitung

29. Weezing

30. Slowpoke

31. Dragonite

32. Geodude

33. Beedrill

34. Mankey

35. Machoke

36. Mewtwo

37. Charizard

38. “Commission 25” (Gyarados, Blastoise, Alakazam, Gengar, Scizor, Charizard)

39. “Commission 27” (Girafarig, Treecko, Snorlax, Charmeleon, Cloyster, Loudred)

40. Pikachu

^ Pika pika!! (with growling voice haha)


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