40 of Million Reasons Why I Love Surrealism Art

Surrealism is a style in which fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible (Artcyclopedia). In easier terms, surrealism is the art of drawing or painting unreal and unpredictable works of art using the images from the imaginary world. Some of well known surrealism artists were Salvador Dali (1904-1988) and Vladimir Kush (1965-now), and I have always love surreal arts since my first encounter with their works (as most people are).

I always have a passion for surreal art as you can display images or scenes which can’t be captured in real life. The amount of ideas I can have here are almost endless and that’s why I love it. On this post I want to share to you the awesomeness of surreal art and what kind of surrealism I like (This time is for traditional arts: paintings, drawings, etc). I tip my hat to the talented artists behind the following works.

Warning: Some artworks may be disgusting for some people, otherwise they will excite your imagination!

(All of the images are linked to their original authors)

1. Myself Drawing Me

myself drawing me

2. Hand Hunt

hand hunt

3.  The Reverse

the reverse

4. Butterfly Apple

butterfly apple

5. Play by Ear

play by ear

6. Cirque De La Mer

cirque de la mer

7. Speyeder


8. Elephant


9. Elephant Universe

elephant universe

10. Monkey on My Back

monkey on my back

11. Always Together

always together

12. Manfungus 1.1

manfungus 1.1

13. The Walking Lesson

walking lesson

14. The Piano

the piano

15. Day at the Beach

day at the beach

16. Puppet of My Fears

puppet of my fears

17. Love Song

love song

18. Oedipus Twins Complex

oedipus twins complex

19. Jose Luiz Serzo’s

jose luis serzo's

20. Macrocosm/Microcosm

macrocosm microcosm

21. Stranger Series

stranger series

22. Zdzislaw Beksinski’s

Zdzislaw Beksinski

23. Banana


24. Lost Ship

lost ship

25. Die Krummung des Raumes

einstein surreal

26. Polska 2000

polska 2000

27. Chichigon


28. Forbidden Fruit

forbidden fruit

29. Letting Go

letting go

30. Anatomical Self-Dissection

anatomical self dissection

31. Tetsuya Ishida’s

Tetsuya Ishida

32. Body Parts

body parts

33. La Voz de Los Amos

la voz de los amos

34. Swans Lake

swans lake

35. Carved In Stone

carved in stone

36. Bedtime Aviation

bedtime aviation

37. Under the Sign of Family

under the sign of family

38. African Sonata

african sonata

39. Departure of the Winged Ship

departure of the winged ship

40. Swans Reflecting Elephants

swans reflecting elephants

Which ones are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “40 of Million Reasons Why I Love Surrealism Art

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  2. Surrealism often conveys more recognizable truth …often about things that can’t find expression otherwise, but are nonetheless part of the human experience we hold in common. Unutterable pieces of ourselves that seem isolated and futile until beheld in someone else’s art, and connection blooms. ❤

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